Welcome to Geo.la!

Geo.la helps you bring your location information to third party services that can use it. Simply create a Fire Eagle account and go to http://geo.la/m on your smartphone or use a Fire Eagle mobile updaters on your phone and frequently log your position. With your current location always up to date with Fire Eagle you won't need to launch multiple applications on your phone that all require their own location information, you just send send an SMS text message or email to Geo.la or visit our mobile site and tell us what location service you need and we'll take care of it.

What can you do with Geo.la?

  • Took a photo with your phone that you'd like geotagged on Flickr? Just send it to your personal @geo.la email address and we'll tag it with your current Fire Eagle location!
  • Need your Twitter tweets geotagged? Text the status update Geo.la or type it on on our mobile site and we'll geotag it!
  • Trying to geotag status updates and photos on Facebook? Geo.la can append a special short url to your text to geotag even where geotagging is not supported!
  • Need a reminder about a Remember The Milk task next time your at the grocery store? Configure your Remember The Milk locations and we'll send a text message to your phone the next time your Fire Eagle location indicates that you are in the area!
  • Want a simple way to check-in to Foursquare venues and Facebook Places from a non-smartphone that has a GPS? We'll text you a numbered list of venues nearby, all you have to do is reply to our message with the one you are at!
  • Geotag anything by appending a Geo.la Location URL! Geo.la Location URLs are translated to coordinates, they are a far more efficient alternative to a shortened URL from a mapping service.
  • Synchronize your Google Latitude current location to your Yahoo Fire Eagle location when you are moving.
  • Looking for info on the nearest landmarks? Request nearby geotagged Wikipedia articles with a text message.
  • Don't know where you are? Request the closest street address with a text message.
  • Monitor nearby Twitter tweets from your mobile dashboard in your phone's browser.

Ready to get started?

If you haven't already, go create a Yahoo! Fire Eagle account, you'll need this first. Once thats done just log in to Geo.la with your existing Yahoo! ID, authorize the services you want to use and then go out and have some fun with your location!